‘Lieves Roots: 2003 – Popsicle Thieves

Popsicle Thieves were formed, in part, as a way for us to try to make some sense of Bicycle Thieves’ demise. Although Popsicle Thieves released only one single in their year of existence, that single effectively puts a lid on the Bicycle Thieves era and forms an essential bridge to the upper 8th ward sound of The Misbelieves.
You can download the a-side, Touch You Natalie Jane (5MB mp3) and the b-side, FYNJ (5.5MB mp3). Both songs were recorded on Music Street and are © 2003, Music Street Music.

1 thought on “‘Lieves Roots: 2003 – Popsicle Thieves”

  1. I want an entire CD of stuff like FYNJ.
    The composition fills my soul with happiness, and there’s just enough words to set my mind to wonder, without distracting me from the magic of the musical layers. It’s like a deeper mystery comes out- the un-knowable depths. You can almost glimpse Brian’s creative world, and it’s a cool place to visit.


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