Just The MP3s, Please

Here is every song on the site listed from newest to oldest: (try right-click “save as” if left-click doesn’t work for you)

The Misbelieves – 2010
Take This In Remembrance (4 MB) Written by Robyn Hitchcock

The Misbelieves – 2009
In The Money (9 MB)
In The Money (long version) 12 MB mp3
Shattered and Blue 6.5 MB mp3
Perfect Sun 8 MB mp3

The Misbelieves – 2008

Come On Now Kids Yeah It’s Bonnington Truce! 6.5MB mp3

Popsicle Thieves – 2003
Touch You Natalie Jane 5MB mp3
FYNJ 5.5MB mp3

Bicycle Thieves: 2001 – The “a” CD
Fall In The Sea 1MB mp3
Jewel 8MB mp3
Cavalier 9.5MB mp3
Winter Coat 4.5MB mp3
Kansas 3.5MB mp3
Cavalier (Alternate Mix) 8.5MB mp3
Private Detective 3.5MB mp3 (David’s original recording of the song that eventually became Winter Coat)
Kansas (early version) 2MB mp3 (an early rough sketch of Kansas)
Listen 600KB mp3 (Brian’s Great Grandmother, Mary Jane Musick, talks about some people who went to Kansas in a wagon and had guts)

Bicycle Thieves: The ’90s – 4-track demos
The Fault 5.5MB mp3
Zoo Song 8.5MB mp3
Well To Wonder 6MB mp3
Song 3 9MB mp3 (Instrumental mix of an unfinished song)
Processed Flute Thing 4.5MB mp3 (Instrumental mix of an unfinished song)
Maybe Song 6MB mp3 (Instrumental mix of an unfinished song)
Song 4 7MB mp3 (Instrumental mix of an unfinished song)

Bicycle Thieves: June, 1996 – Acoustic recordings
I Am The Satellite 5.5MB mp3
Zoo Song 5.5MB mp3
The Fault 5MB mp3
Well To Wonder 5MB mp3
See Ruby Falls 4.5MB mp3

Bicycle Thieves: 1987 – 4-track demos
Someone Might Sell You One 5MB mp3
No Spaceships 2.5MB mp3
Longer Than a Line 4MB mp3
Different Movies 4.5MB mp3
Love and Gravity 4MB mp3
Homing Drive Chain Me 8MB mp3
See Ruby Falls 4.5MB mp3

Bicycle Thieves: 1984-1985 – 4-track demos
I Am the Satellite 8MB mp3
Beg 5MB mp3
Hide 5MB mp3
Ode to the Monochord Drone 6MB mp3
Still Too High A Lie 8.5MB mp3
Experience Church 6.5MB mp3
In Case Of Magic 7.5MB mp3
Optimism Never Fails 6.5MB mp3
Pictures Of Time Well Spent 5.5MB mp3
I Am The Satellite (early mix) 7MB mp3 (early, mostly instrumental mix of I Am the Satellite)

Bicycle Thieves: 1984 – 4-track demos
Difficult Decision 5.5MB mp3
Follow Forever 6MB mp3

Next Window: 1983 – Junk Room Studio:
Your Color 5MB mp3
Guidance Counselor 6MB mp3
On and On the Love Song 5MB mp3

Next Window: 1983-1984 – 4-track demos
Big Bang Theory 7MB mp3
Pocket Full of Posers 4MB mp3
General Consensus 5.5MB mp3
The French Have a Word for It 4MB mp3
Get That Discipline 5MB mp3
Go Home 4MB mp3
To Those Who Wait 5MB mp3
Pocket Full Of Noise (JimmyO and Brian working hard in the studio) 2MB mp3
General Consensus (drunkapella version, with dialog) 6MB mp3

Next Window: 1984 – Live at The Maxx
General Consensus (live) 6.5MB mp3
Your Color (live) 5MB mp3
Big Bang Theory (live) 6MB mp3
Get That Discipline (live) 5.5MB mp3
Pocket Full Of Posers (live) 5MB mp3
Or Not To Be (live) 4MB mp3

5 thoughts on “Just The MP3s, Please”

  1. Hi Brian,
    I’ve been a fan since my H’burg days (’81-forever). Eric Jones had given me a cassette of the ’87 4-track recordings and when it disappeared, I thought I’d lost your music forever. When I happened on your blog in October, I downloaded all the songs and have been listening to them pretty much constantly since then. Naturally, the older tracks elicit fond memories of a great time in my life, but in listening to them I am amazed at the skill, maturity and emotional depth displayed in the lyrics and music. You guys were way beyond your years. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about your newer material, but I loved it on first listen. I hope you continue to submit new songs and make more of the older ones available. Is there any chance you will include lyrics (all songs) in the future?
    Also, I hope you and your family are safe and happy. I know you guys were hit hard by Katrina — my mom had a home on Venus St. — probably a couple of blocks from yours — that was wrecked. And, of course, the Pass is pretty much a memory … so sad.

  2. Brian,
    I don’t know if you remember me ( I was the black guy : ))
    I don’t know what you feel/think when you look over your body of work, but hopefully the feeling that over takes you is one of great pride; it’s deserved you wrote great stuff. the thing that you might not know is the influence tht you had on me all my friends. I played in a band in and around Hattiesburg for a number of years:as the primary songwriter, the standard I always used to measure myself and my output was your stuff, no not Led zeppelin, the ramones, vilolent femmes, gang of four or Husker du, but you and next window.
    Thanks for the yardstick

  3. Good lord, this is just the music of my life, as much as anything else I can think of. And it still gets regular play at my house. I really hope there will be more to come someday.


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