Glass Flesh Volume 4

Glass Flesh 4Glass Flesh 4, the latest in a series of Robyn Hitchcock tribute albums curated by Bayard Catron, has just been released. Previous volumes have been excellent, and Volume 4 is the first to include a contribution by The Misbelieves. Buy yours before they sell out (and they do sell out).

Take This In Remembrance

This is the first time I’ve recorded a song for the Glass Flesh series of Robyn Hitchcock tributes. “Take This In Remembrance” is an obscure song in a catalog packed with obscurities. Its only official release was on a CD supplement to an Italian book about Robyn, long out of print.
Robyn’s original recording is sparse and perfect, one guitar and one voice. Mine isn’t:
Download MP3 (4 MB) FLAC (21 MB) (try right-click “save as” if left-click doesn’t work for you)

I highly recommend the first three volumes of Glass Flesh, which can be ordered here, and I will highly recommend volume four as soon as it’s released. From the official site: Glass Flesh is a world-wide Robyn Hitchcock tribute project that has seen the creation of multiple cassette and professional CD releases. Participants have included such indie darlings as singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt and members of the beloved “Elephant 6” collective – including members of such groups as the Decemberists, Elf Power, Marshmallow Coast and others.

Hilary Manning-Lundy – Changelings – “I Fell”

Hilary Manning-Lundy left us yesterday, and as family and friends come to terms with the loss in their own ways, I’ve been listening to her lovely voice. I had the great pleasure of working with Hilary and her husband, Earl Lundy, on a collection of songs Earl recorded for the Changelings project. Earl has given me permission to share one of those songs here. Hilary’s singing on “I Fell” is ethereal, clear and unaffected, and it evokes for me vivid recollections of the person she was.
would the planets fall in line?
would i find a place of bliss?

Download “I Fell” (8 MB MP3) (try right-click “save as” if left-click doesn’t work for you)
Written and recorded by Earl Lundy and © 1990 Earl Lundy. Singing by Earl and Hilary. Earl played everything but bass (Jeff Bridges) and guitar (me).


I love covers! The way a pop song can be bent to create something new that changes the way you hear the original. So it’s very satisfying to hear covers of my songs. Here are a few recent covers of some very old songs:

The Arcturus recorded a version of Bicycle Thieves’ Different Movies. Be sure to check out the other songs by The Arcturus. “Worst Ever” is one of my favorites.

Dino Guy recorded three songs from the Next Window era including No More Than The Rain and The Right Thing To Say. It’s especially cool to hear these two because they never got a proper demo treatment, and were only played live a handful of times.

Big thanks to the responsible parties for sharing these recordings; it means a lot to me. I encourage anyone with the inclination to create covers, mashups, or parodies of anything on this site, and will happily post them here.