Hilary Manning-Lundy – Changelings – “I Fell”

Hilary Manning-Lundy left us yesterday, and as family and friends come to terms with the loss in their own ways, I’ve been listening to her lovely voice. I had the great pleasure of working with Hilary and her husband, Earl Lundy, on a collection of songs Earl recorded for the Changelings project. Earl has given me permission to share one of those songs here. Hilary’s singing on “I Fell” is ethereal, clear and unaffected, and it evokes for me vivid recollections of the person she was.
would the planets fall in line?
would i find a place of bliss?

Download “I Fell” (8 MB MP3) (try right-click “save as” if left-click doesn’t work for you)
Written and recorded by Earl Lundy and © 1990 Earl Lundy. Singing by Earl and Hilary. Earl played everything but bass (Jeff Bridges) and guitar (me).

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