1996 – Acoustic Rescue

These are acoustic versions of five songs that I had originally produced on 4-track cassette. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the limitations of the 4-track, and generally felt that the original recordings had ruined some decent songs. In 1996 I decided to rescue a few of them by recording live to two tracks, and for the most part I think it worked. I definitely prefer these performances of “Satellite”, “Ruby Falls”, and “Zoo Song” to the originals. As for “The Fault”, I think the 4-track recording is probably better, and “Well To Wonder” just isn’t a very good song.

Anyone familiar with the originals will probably notice that “Satellite” and “See Ruby Falls” are both significantly different from the originals, not just with regard to the production but also lyrics and structure.

Click the box below to listen to a playlist, or click here for downloads and lyrics to each song.

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