Perfect Sun

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Recorded on Music Street and © 2009 Music Street Music

I saw the brilliant green flash In the depths of the ‘80s When things could have gone either way The world crackled with energy While I tried to appear to be Brooding and restless and cunning First I buried a man it was not time to bury Then carried a weight I was not fit to carry I fought with him more than I’d fought him alive Now all of a sudden I’m sunning It’s a clear blue sky I’m such a lucky guy Could you stand any more sun? It shines a perfect beam Down on my routine I think I found the perfect sun It reflects off a boy on the verge of forgetting He has the whole world by the tail He can still name his monsters in roughly the order That they were first met and defeated. When a man selling Jesus spits hate at his brother He knows one of these things is not like the other He’s cracked the strong magic that got him this far He knows love was all that he needed

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  1. Thanks, Dolph! That means a lot coming from you.
    (everyone should click on Dolph’s link and check out his impressive and massive body of work)


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